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NetPhorest is a non-redundant collection of 125 sequence-based classifiers for linear motifs in phosphorylation-dependent signaling. The collection contains both family-based and gene-specific classifiers.

Currently, the NetPhorest atlas covers 179 of 518 kinases, 93 of 118 SH2 domains, 8 of 18 phosphotyrosine-binding PTB domains, as well as the phosphoserine/threonine-binding 14-3-3 proteins, the BRCT domain and WW domain. The NetPhorest framework integrates both artifical neural networks (ANNs) and position-specific scoring matrices (PSSMs), including Scansite's original PSSMs.

Find here a complete overview (interactive and searchable) of which specific genes are covered for each of kinases, SH2 domains, and PTB domains.

If you use any of the data from this web site please cite this article:
Miller et al.,Linear Motif Atlas for Phosphorylation-Dependent Signaling. Science Signaling, 2 September 2008, Vol 1, Issue 35, p. ra2.

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